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This program in Experimental Psychology emphasizes cognitive and behavioural development in infants and older children, as well as human information processing in adults. The group has a strong research orientation. Active participation by students in ongoing research investigations is encouraged. Current research projects include: auditory memory and information processing deficits in reading-disabled individuals, remedial reading and spelling techniques, the role of mental imagery in discovery and creativity in the visual-spatial domain, visual development and visual information processing in early infancy, the development of children's long-term and working memories, eye-witness memory for stressful events, infantile amnesia and memory for very early life experiences, linguistic representation of experience via narratives, implicit and explicit learning, and computer and mathematical modeling of problem solving.

Faculty and graduate students in Developmental Science have benefited greatly from a very co-operative attitude in the St. John's community, and as a result, have access to a wide variety of subject populations. For example, research is being done with newborn infants, with infants at risk for visual dysfunction and with older children who have learning disabilities, reading disabilities/dyslexia, or autism. Other children are recruited from hospital emergency room settings. There is also a large child-care centre complex on campus that provides ready access to children between two and ten years of age, and because of good relationships with school boards, there is access to school populations of children. Research is conducted in a variety of settings that includes hospital, homes, schools and daycares.

Our university facilities include laboratories for testing infants, children and adults, remote video and audio equipment and a wide variety of computing equipment and expertise. The on-campus child-care centre complex is equipped with observation booths and experimental rooms.

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