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Prospective Students

The table below shows which faculty are currently recruiting Masters and/or Ph.D. students. If there is a "Yes" in the "Recruiting?" column, feel free to contact the faculty member directly for more information.

Please note that a "Yes" below means only that the faculty member is considering taking on a new student; it is not a guarantee that a student will be accepted.

Name Research Topics Recruiting?
Robert Adamec Behavioural Neuroscience Yes
Russell Adams Developmental Yes
Rita Anderson Cognition/CABE   -
Emir Andrews First Year   -
Christine Arlett Clinical   -
Cathryn Button Social   -
Mary Courage Developmental   -
Ken Fowler Social   -
Sarah Francis Clinical Yes
Verena Gosse Personality   -
Malcolm Grant Social   -
Virginia Grant Behavioural Neuroscience   -
Kellie Hadden Clinical   -
Elena Hannah Developmental Yes
Carolyn Harley Behavioural Neuroscience   -
Richard Maddigan First Year   -
Charles Malsbury Behavioural Neuroscience   -
Gerard Martin Behavioural Neuroscience   -
William McKim Behavioural Neuroscience   -
Peter Mezo Clinical Yes
William Montevecchi CABE Yes
Ian Neath Cognition Yes
Catherine Penney Cognition Yes
Ray Penney Clinical   -
Carole Peterson Developmental Yes
Michael Rabinowitz Developmental   -
Michael Sherrick Cognition   -
Darlene Skinner Behavioural Neuroscience Yes
Brent Snook Social Yes
Anne Storey CABE Yes
Aimée Surprenant Cognition/Developmental Yes
Carolyn Walsh CABE Yes


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