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Frequently Asked Questions

Applying to the majors and minor programmes

Admission to the faculty is competitive, based on marks obtained in required courses (Admissions Criteria).

Q.  How do I apply?

A.  Forms are available from the Psychology Office. Submission deadlines are June 1 and October 1.


Programme and course selection

Q.  Should I do a B.A. or a B.Sc.?

A.  There is no difference in the Psychology content of the B.A. and B.Sc. programmes. The only difference lies in requirements for courses from other departments and in general regulations in the two Faculties. Students should follow the programme in which they are likely to have the most success and which will best prepare them for their chosen careers.


Q.  Who should I see for help in course selection?

A.  The Deputy Head


Q.  Who is my advisor?

A.  The Deputy Head


Q.  What statistics course should I do?

A.  Psychology 2910 and 2911 are the recommended statistics/design courses for psychology students.


Q.  I have completed Math 1000. Do I need a second Math course?

A.  No.  B.Sc. students are required to complete Math 1000.  B.A. students may complete Math 1000, however, two of Math 1090, 1050 or 1051 will also suffice for the B.A. degree.


Applying to the Honour's Programmes

Q.  How do I apply?

A.  Forms are available from the Psychology Office.  Submission deadlines are June 1 for Fall Semester, and October 1 for Winter Semester.


Q.  Who should apply?

A.  Admission is competitive.  The programme is primarily intended for students who have averages above 75% who are planning to go onto graduate work in Psychology.


Q.  When should I apply?

A.  Students may apply once they have they completed Psychology 2910, 2911, 2520, and 2570, and obtained in these courses a grade of "B" or better, or an average of 75% or higher.  Students should apply as soon as possible as to avoid delays in graduation.  Interested students should talk with the Deputy Head.


Q.  How and when do I find an Honour's thesis supervisor?

A.  Normally, students find supervisors after they are accepted into the Honour's programme.  The Deputy Head has information about which faculty are able to take on new students.


Deferring Exams

Q.  How do I get a final exam deferred?

A.  Application forms are available from the Psychology Office. Deferrals are granted for reasons of illness, bereavement, or 3 exams in 24 hours. Documentation is required for your application to be considered.


Q.  When do I apply to have a final exam deferred?

A.  Within 7 days of the date of the exam or sooner.


Q.  How many times may I apply?

A.  You may apply as often as needed. However, each new application is considered with respect to past applications.


Q.  What happens if my request is granted?

A.  You must get in touch with the instructor and arrange a time to write the deferred exam. The mark must be submitted to the Registrar's Office by the end of the first week of classes of the subsequent semester.


Q.  How do I get a midterm exam deferred?

A.  Decisions about missed midterms and assignments are made by the course instructor.


Where to get help and information

Q.  Who should I talk to if I'm having a problem with a

                 ·  Course?

A. The teaching assistant or the instructor

                 ·  Teaching assistant?

A. The instructor

                 ·  The instructor?

A. The Department Mediator

                 ·  My programme?

A. The Deputy Head


Q.  Where can I get information about:

  • graduate programmes, careers, employment opportunities?

A.  the Career Development Centre

  • my choice of careers?

A. the Career Counselling Centre

 Copyright 2006.  Department of Psychology, Memorial University of Newfoundland.