Kyle Morrissey

Kyle Morrissey, Ph.D. Candidate

M.Sc. in Psychology- Trent University

B.A. (Hons) in Psychology- University of Winnipeg

Kyle is in his third year of the Ph.D. Experimental Psychology program at Memorial University, researching math cognition in the Research Centre for the Development of Mathematical Cognition under the supervision of Darcy Hallett. Kyle’s main research interest is in embodied numerical cognition, with a particular focus on how finger counting habits influence mental representations of numbers.

Kyle received his B.A. in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where he was supervised by Hinton Bradbury in completing an honour’s thesis on transitivity/intransitivity of colour preference. In 2013, Kyle graduated from Trent University with a Master’s of science in Experimental Psychology. Working under the supervision of Mowei Liu, Kyle completed a thesis in cross-cultural embodied cognition in collaboration with Dr. Jingmei Kang at Northeast Normal University, China.

 In addition, Kyle is currently involved in projects relating to implicit associations of math and gender, conceptual/procedural fractions knowledge, and methodological review of the literature on the effects of violent video games on aggressive behaviour. In the winter term, Kyle is also a TA for the graduate statistics course.