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Subject: Saddle sores

--Saw a patient today with an unusual complaint.

He is a skidoo tour guide and on the machine 50-55 hours a week. No problems until this year. He was issued a new snow machine with a seat that transfers a lot of pressure and especially vibrations to his, um, personal private parts.

He described riding "hard" and indeed maintaining an almost painful erection for 6 hours at a time. He has also suffered anaesthesia to the testes and perineum, reminiscent of the similar sort of thing one gets, and which has been documented in the literature, from prolonged bicycle riding. Indeed, this patient has had that in the past but the sensation had always returned.

He presented to me because of combined pain and decreased sensation to the area and I am wondering if anyone else has had patients with similar problems in the past? What about skidoo-induced priapism?

I have suggested he avoid any further vibration and pressure to the area until things get back to normal. Any other suggestions?

He asked me about one other thing. (I am making none of this up.) He wanted to be considered for a vasectomy - provided a need for it returned! His wife thinks the snowmobile is a pretty good contraceptive.....