Psychology 3533
Sexual Behaviour (E. Hannah)


CHAPTERS FOR THE FINAL EXAM: Dear students, just to make sure that you know the chapters, you need to study the new chapters 13, 14, 16 AND FROM NOTES ONLY chapters 15 abd 18. Chapter 15 is Variations, and chapter 18 is Disorders and Therapy. For the review chapters, as indicated on the course outline, please review chapters 1, 4, 8 and 9. Remember that if you missed a class you can still find it on D2L as a captured lecture, password psy353.
FINAL EXAM: Please note that Variations in Sexual Behaviour was covered in class and therefore included on the final exam, but from the class notes only.
IMPORTANT!!! MIDTERM 2 DATE CHANGE: Instead of March 12 it will be March 14.
FOR MIDTERM 1: Sexual techniques is part of the midterm, as it was covered in class.
SECOND NOTICE FOR THE MIDTERM: I reported the wrong number of questions in class. The midterm has about 110 questions, not 150!
IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR THE MIDTERM: There are two powerpoint presentations about communication. One is called communication, the other is called sexual communication. You need to study the latter, not the former. Sorry about the confusion.


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